Transcendental Mind Contemplation and Vision™ (Sphere 1)

The Transcendental Mind Contemplation and Vision, Integral Light of Theosis training is associated with Sphere 1 of The Scarab and is the highest and deepest Work with the Divine Metatelos Deity, in which unified States of Total Awareness, Emptiness, Clarity, Knowledge, and Wisdom are stabilized further into the Integral primordial Divine Light in our heart. The first of four main meditations, the Mandala of the Metatelos Deity and His Pleroma, generates the Deity in our heart as the attainment of Absolute Presence. Next, the Transcendental Mind Meditation discloses an intense depth of understanding about manifested creation, followed by the Primordial Light of All Creation, which opens for us the discovery of the Divine Spark from which we and all creation manifest—a profound awakening. The last meditation is the Integral Light of Theosis, unifying the purity of Knowledge of the other three meditations and provoking an intense gratitude for this blessed Work, humanity and the Love of God.

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