The Enneagram

"The enneagram is an ancient symbol dating back to the Egyptians and the Chaldeans, and later Pythagoras derived the figure into his arithmological philosophy and geometry, in which he called the enneagram a 'seal,' but there are no theoretical teachings or historical data connected to it. Any other legends of its origin in modern day are merely unscholarly, speculative and unfounded."

- Oscar Ichazo
Historic Importance

Oscar is the first person in history to apply a theoretical application to the figure of the enneagram. The entire enneagram knowledge presented by the Arica School in Oscar's original Teachings is called the "Protoanalytical Theory, System and Method." It employs 108 enneagrams (the nine-pointed figure shown above) which analyze the complete human being, progressing systematically from the lowest aspects of the human condition to the highest State of Mind. In this State, Unity is experienced as oneness with all humankind.

This original Enneagram Theory is the only Teaching that is based upon the ground of Unity of the Awakened State of Mind. Through the Arica Enneagrams employed in the trainings and the Teachings, we can gain knowledge and understanding to attain and stabilize this Higher State.

With a clearly-defined and complete map of the human psyche using Oscar's original Enneagram Teachings, we have the basis to discover our entire ego process and to know how to transcend the lowest levels into the Highest State of Mind. This State is found in all of us and is available to each of us. This Higher State is our Awakened Self and is experienced as a State filled with great Happiness, Light, Liberation, and Unity.