The Enneagram

Image of an enneagram, a circle with nine interconnected points.
"The most important question for our time is 'How do we become a united humanity?' which in Integral Philosophy we call our most precious goal of 'Humanity–One.' This is the only real goal the enneagram Teachings can have and the only question that needs to be addressed as a matter of human survival, dignity and happiness."
—Oscar Ichazo

Many have heard of the enneagram and how it impacts people's lives by uncovering their 'personality type.' But, there is far more to the enneagram than is popularly understood today. Regardless of how you are using the enneagram, there are much deeper and profound levels of knowledge available.

Now for the first time, the originator of the modern enneagram, Oscar Ichazo, has published his original teachings in a series of enlightening volumes.

Oscar Ichazo's 108 enneagrams (the nine–pointed figure shown above) analyze the complete human being, progressing systematically from the lowest aspects of the human condition to the highest State of Mind in his 'Protoanalytical Theory, System and Method.'

Here is some of what Ichazo has to say about the Enneagram and Protoanalysis, pulled directly from the pages of his books, Oscar Ichazo: Insights into The Teacher • The Philosophy • The School and The Enneagrams of the Fixations — The Original Teachings.

"In 1943 I inherited my grandfather's library from my Uncle Julio who was a lawyer and a philosopher. It was in an ancient text (a medieval grimoire) about the Chaldean Seal (enneagram) where I first came across this diagram which, for the Chaldeans, was a magical figure."

"Then in 1960, after an extensive recapitulation of logic, from Aristotle to Russell to Quine and Carnap, I finally synthesized the three Laws of Trialectical Logic and established a comparative formula between Formal Logic, Dialectics and Trialectics… Once I had formulated these logical tools, I applied them to the analysis of the psyche, and finally completely developed the set of 108 enneagrams that describe all the processes of the human psyche."

"The modern mapping of the psyche makes Protoanalysis the most advanced, direct and complete Teaching of Self–observation by the Witness because it enables us to discover the precise pivotal points upon which the axis and cycle of our robotic ego–personality develop."

"If we work sincerely, the result is unquestionable because the enneagrams are concrete realities of our psyche, and our Self–knowledge will improve dramatically if we enlighten the different aspects of ourselves…”

"Protoanalysis provides Teachings for a fast, immediate analysis and diagnosis of our ego-personality and personality disorder, and also a long-term plan and prospect that is coherent and conducive to the transcendence of the ego–personality."

"The entire Philosophical Teachings, including the Protoanalytical Theory, Method and Practice, are directed toward Enlightenment."

"As in all true spiritual traditions, we have to separate ourselves from our ego... this means to transcend the Trifix (ego–Fixation) through Self–observation by the Witness."

"[W]e have to be serious about our internal spiritual development. If we adopt an attitude of simply playing with the [three] Fixations of our Trifix and not taking the Teachings seriously, it can actually be disastrous."

"Integral Philosophy… becomes a study of the entire structure of the psyche in order to clarify ourselves and then, with meditation and ritual, to prepare to enter the Higher States innate in ourselves."

With a clearly-defined and complete map of the human psyche using Oscar's original Enneagram Teachings, we have the basis to discover our entire ego–process from the lowest levels into the Highest State of Mind, which is found in everyone and available to each of us. This Higher State is experienced as a State filled with great Happiness, Light, Liberation, and Unity.