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"With Knowledge we can effect the change needed to face the problems that are unfolding with human dignity, a common purpose, and understanding upon the grounds of Unity and Love for all humanity."

Oscar Ichazo / 1931 - 2020
Oscar Ichazo
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What is humankind?
What is the supreme good of humanity?
What is the truth that gives meaning and value to human life?

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Getting Started

It is important to know how to get started with the Arica Work. There are different areas for you to experience, such as meditations, reading and studying the Teachings, or doing the physical exercises that are done regularly by those in the School.

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The Trainings

Arica trainings open the path toward spiritual and transcendental knowledge by clarifying one’s process, culminating in the attainment of a higher state of happiness, equilibrium and understanding.
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We Are One

Facing our global crisis with Unity

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Book cover for We Are One, by Oscar Ichazo, oritinator of the modern enneagram.