Arica Trainings

Transcendental Purpose

Through The Oscar Ichazo Foundation and the Arica Institute, the Arica School presents a body of practical and theoretical knowledge in the form of a system of training programs across five Realms and the Transcendental State. In the Arica School, a process of clarification followed by meditations into the Higher States leads to a State of Transcendence which is established upon a scientifically-based system. This system includes meditation, physical exercise, dietary guidance, training in methods of analysis and clarification of one’s projections about life, uniting individuals with their innate transcendental purpose: Enlightenment for the benefit of all.

Spiritual Knowledge

In the course of the presentation of the training programs, the work by Oscar Ichazo across the Arica Institute was awarded a research grant from the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health. However, the Arica School training programs are not therapeutic in the clinical sense. Their purpose is to open and accelerate the path toward spiritual and transcendental Knowledge by clarifying one’s process, culminating in the attainment of a higher state of happiness, equilibrium and understanding.

Group and Individual Trainings

The Protoanalytical system is presented in many locations by teachers drawn from an international faculty of over 300, certified in different aspects of the curriculum. There are also trainings that are completed individually, and local group trainings for which teachers are not required. The individual trainings are done as “Tunings” at home — that is, practiced simultaneously by individuals and groups throughout the world. Tunings are scheduled and announced to the School each month throughout the year.

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