The Mission of

The Oscar Ichazo Foundation


The Oscar Ichazo Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation. Its Mission is to prepare the teachings of Oscar Ichazo for the public, and to produce group and individual trainings for those interested in attaining a higher perspective by a direct experience with these teachings. Ichazo is the originator of Integral Philosophy, which comprises the 'body of Knowledge' that constitutes his Integral Teachings, including the original Enneagram Theory of the Fixations.


Ichazo has received international recognition and endorsements from individuals and world–renowned philosophical groups and schools since the 1960’s. His teachings present a complete analysis, known as "Protoanalysis" (first analysis), of the lowest levels of the human condition up to the Highest States of attainment. This ground–breaking work underscores the importance of recognizing human behavior from its lower levels to its higher levels of realization, to meet the challenges of the current world situation humanity faces, such as the climate crisis. Ichazo connects the facts of these rapidly unfolding planetary problems with the need to attain a collective understanding. With the unified direction upon an ethical ground, we can meet our planet’s existential challenges with the greater sense of our shared humanity that "We Are One."

In Appreciation

In 1968, Ichazo presented his teachings about human behavior in training formats about the complete analysis of the human condition, and all are based upon his Five Tenets of Integral Philosophy, in particular the second Tenet. This second Tenet speaks of Unity with respect to our need for survival and is founded upon an ethical proposition of self–responsibility that unites us in a common direction. This aligns with the UN’s goals for sustainable development, known as "The 17 Goals." For his teachings presenting the complete analysis of the human condition, Ichazo received the United Nations Society of Writers Award of Excellence (1991) "in appreciation of [his] role as philosopher, author and educator."

Unified Understanding

The Oscar Ichazo Foundation’s contemporary trainings for entering into higher states of mind include the Enneagram Theory of the Fixations taken directly from his original teachings, methods and related practices. The entire curriculum, which culminates in the highest attainment, was developed by the Foundation in the complete presentation of individual trainings, group practices and group trainings with introductory teachings, publications, lecture videos, and audio and video recordings. The Foundation’s ground level group trainings are offered by the Arica Institute under a license agreement. All trainings were developed under Ichazo's direction by Sarah Ichazo, his wife of 40 years who serves as the Executive Director of The Oscar Ichazo Foundation. The trainings are made for the benefit of all with the understanding that an objective perspective is attainable by everyone. By applying an ethical approach that uses Ichazo's Enneagram of Integral Ethics, we can meet the challenges of our world with a unified orientation that supports all life on the planet.

"We need to enlarge our State of Innate Awareness and capability in order to cooperate and to perform in a unified and intelligent manner." – Oscar Ichazo, The History of the Integral Teachings, Volume 2, page 46