In his book, The Enneagrams of Ethics Virtues Senses — The Original Integral Teachings, Oscar Ichazo presents 21 enneagrams which give a complete map for clarification of mind and the experience of your Higher Self.

Ichazo defines Integral Ethics not as moral judgments, but as "an actual energy produced by the orientation toward our Higher Self." Integral Ethics "is a force, and its power and clarity may be implemented, collected, improved, and realized in us." Integral Ethics orients us in the right direction, reflecting higher ethical behavior.

Ichazo presents the meaning of virtue as a disposition that produces happiness and "good behavioral traits, habits and attitudes that make us always true to our Self," because the wisdom of the heart "will always recognize and choose The Good."

Ichazo identifies nine Integral Senses which give us information that structures our psyche: "We are constantly communicating across our entire organism since each of the nine Integral Senses relates to a specific physical system of the body."

"The integrated systems of the Integral Ethics, Virtues and Senses establish a theory of Enlightenment or Completion of the 'Mind as such,' and thus they are States of Mind of enhanced Innate Awareness of The Good in all."
– Oscar Ichazo

About the Author

Oscar Ichazo is the originator of Integral Philosophy, which includes the Enneagram Theory of the Ego–Fixations. His groundbreaking work underscores the need to recognize human behavior from its lower levels to its higher understanding in order to meet the challenges of the current global situation and climate crisis. From this higher perspective, and with a unified effort based on an objective ethical understanding, we can face our planet's existential challenges with Unity and focus.