The Trialectical Ascesis of the Creative Mind™

The Trialectical Ascesis proposed in the Work of the Trialectical Ascesis of the Creative Mind Meditation • Contemplation • Vision culminates in the Supreme Transcendental State of Theosis, which in the Proficient will emanate across the practice of the meditations. The Trialectical Ascesis follows the same sequence or steps as the Divine Ascesis, but here the Ascesis is repeated, with the outcome of the second Ascesis culminating in the highest purity of the attainment of the Transcendental State of Theosis. This experience will become apparent when practicing the meditations.

By stabilizing in oneself the Trialectical Ascesis of the Higher States of the Supreme Innate Awareness of the Pure Light as Creation, the Knowledge emanating culminates in the ‘Divine Mind in itself’—the metaphysical perfection of the State of the Absolute-Ornamental Mind in the crystalline transparency of its own ‘Integral Realization as Such.’

The Trialectical Ascesis provides an Ornamental State, the Innate Awareness of Clarity upon Emptiness, as a result of the luminosity of the Divine Light of All Creation together with the Knowledge internalized across the Teachings, stabilizing in and emanating from the Proficient, culminating in the Pristine State of Transcendence (Theosis), for the benefit of all and the realization of our most sacred and precious goal of Humanity-One.

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