State of Divine Transcendence Meditations • Contemplation • Theosis™

The State of Divine Transcendence Meditations • Contemplation • Theosis is a direct meditational system and practice for entering into the Total and Absolute State of Transcendence. The Work consists of embodying the complete system of meditational deities—found inside and at the top of the central channel—who correspond to the five Divine Minds as they relate to the five Realms of Existence. Each of the deities symbolizes one of the foundations (Foundational Minds) of the Integral metaphysical system.

The Introductions to the Divine State Meditation and Contemplation, the Immovable Mind Meditation and Contemplation and the Ornamental Mind Meditation and Contemplation present an in-depth teaching that discloses the association between the Divine Minds, Deities and the Foundational Minds and the function of the Immovable Mind. These Introductions establish a philosophical ground of the Work and are an important part of the Teaching.

At the beginning of the Work are Clarification Processes employing the Mentational Analysis Questionnaire. It is necessary to recall our most vivid experiences in order to understand the lower, basic and primary aspects of the root of the patterns of the ego connected to each point. Our recollection of those specific experiences will give the insight and perspective to recognize when the pattern arises in future situations.

In the State of Divine Transcendence · Meditations · Contemplation · Theosis, the Transcendental State becomes a permanent contemplation of life. You will find that the Philo Sophia, or the love (Philo) of Wisdom (Sophia), or philosophy, becomes a natural and stabilized way of life in the Eternal Presence of Light upon Silence.

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