The Illuminative Mind, Supreme Minds of the Transcendental Divine Virtues™ (Sphere 6)

The Illuminative Mind training is Sphere 6 of the Eighteen Integral Spheres of Existence, Knowledge and Immortality of the Scarab. In the meditations, the Divine Virtues Deity represents the Supreme Minds of the Transcendental Virtues as energies of transformation and transmutation. When awakened, the 'Forms of the Virtues in themselves' become perfected by providing the fundamental Pure Ground from which they emanate as The State of Ultimate Pure Transcendental Theosis. By discovering the Highest State of the Supreme Virtue of Goodness, we enter the completion of the other eight Virtues in which the Supreme Wisdom of Presence discloses the Great Goodness of 'Transcendence in itself,' as an awakening of our Oneness with the Divine.

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