The Ultimate Guardian Deity Teachings • Meditations • Contemplation™

The Ultimate Guardian Deity Teachings•Meditations•Contemplation is now available in an individual practice for the School. The importance of the Ultimate Guardian Deity is that he is an archetypal figure that represents the triple aspect of Divine Unity, in which these three transcendental propositions can be embodied and experienced as one in this individual meditational practice. The Deity can open for us the doors of the Ultimate Ground, our Eternal, Divine, Unborn, Infinite Continuum, in which the fear of death and ‘death in itself’ does not exist.

When our consciousness intuitively embodies these three essential aspects of the Divine, it develops in itself the highest qualities that are possible to open in our consciousness, making it participate in an intuitive and immediate way in the Pure Spirit and Light of the Divine. This is attained during the Ultimate Guardian Deity Meditations through the power of empathetical understanding, that is, by embodying the qualities represented by the archetypal figure in the meditations.

Because the Ultimate Guardian Deity opens the door of our Eternal Continuum, he is our best friend and help during the transient State at the moment of death (Bardo), during the transient State of the Intermediary State proper, and during reincarnation. The Deity is an infinitely powerful manifestation, capable of awakening in our consciousness the Transcendental Truth of the Existence, Knowledge and Wisdom of Divine Ultimate Reality, and he is the protector of our Divine Eternal Life.

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