The Divine Attributes of Emptiness and Knowledge™ (Sphere 4)

The Divine Attributes of Emptiness and Knowledge training is associated with Sphere 4 of the Eighteen Integral Spheres of Existence, Knowledge and Immortality of The Scarab, and is the practice of establishing, attaining and stabilizing the Divine Attributes of the Mind of Emptiness, the Knowledge-Gnosis Mind. The Divine Attributes are the Supreme Qualities of the Divine, which are actualized with the true understanding of emptiness in Integral terms, awakening the Knowledge of the Divine in itself. The first main meditation, the Mandala of the Divine Gnosis III Deity, establishes the Deity as the fundamental ground for entering into the State of Emptiness-Knowledge. The next meditation with the Deity dissolves any obscurations to the Supreme State of Transcendental Knowledge-Gnosis. The third meditation, the Attributive Mind, is a practice to embody the Divine Attributes. The final meditation, the Divine Attributes of Theosis, culminates in the attainment of the Knowledge that our Eternal Soul abides in the profound Divine State of being One with God and His Attributes.

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