Enlightened Mind, The Minds of Theosis of the Divine Metatelos Deity™ (Sphere 9)

This training is Sphere 9 of the Eighteen Spheres of Existence, Knowledge and Immortality of The Scarab. In the meditations, the Divine Metatelos Deity as Such represents the States of the Enlightened Mind, establishing the stabilization of the Pure Grounds for the other eight Spheres (Spheres 8 to 1). The Enlightened Minds open the States of Total Emptiness, through which we can enter into these Minds of Theosis with proficiency. This awakening ensures a stability of the Pure Grounds and implies a Divine Adamantine State as an outcome of the Perfect Awareness of Emptiness.

The first meditation is the Mandala of the Divine Metatelos Deity Meditation in which is practiced the one-pointed concentration of generating the Deity in the heart across the Minds of Theosis that he represents. The Embodiment of the Divine Metatelos Deity Meditation follows, opening the essential nature of the State of the Minds, which is recognized as part of a Trialectical Teaching presented by each Mind. The third meditation, the Enlightened Mind Meditation II, provides a deeper theurgic experience with the Divine Metatelos Deity in the innate awareness of the generated Adamantine Purity. The States of Theosis of the Divine Metatelos Deity Meditation is the final meditation, opening the Awakened States of the Adamantine Pure Grounds of the Enlightened Minds as Such, giving your life Divine Meaning, Integral Wisdom and Eternal Knowledge for the benefit of all.

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