The Integral Protoanalysis of The Scarab Trainings I™

The Integral Protoanalysis of The Scarab Trainings I is composed of ten trainings with two from the Vital Realm and four from the Social Realm. The Work is integrated in such a way that advanced Teachings are part of each training, providing a ‘Way of Transcendence’ through the Work and meditations practiced. The Teachings of the Relative Mind of Concepts and Language and the State of the Absolute Mind of Non-conceptualization are clearly presented. Both Minds provide the basis for awakening the Witness, clarifying the method of how to witness the Relative Mind from the view of the Absolute Mind, and freeing you from suffering, attachment, and endless mind and ego processes.

Arica Mentations (Spheres 18 & 17)
Thought is not the result of just one specialized organ, the brain. In the Arica Mentations Training, we learn to divide and differentiate the body into twelve parts, each of which provides information about reality, producing a harmonic sequence that is basic to the way our mind structures thought. The twelve Mentations have a systematic correlation with sense organs, the viscera and the limbs, providing questions of analysis for each of the Mentations. This analysis changes our linear thinking pattern into a multi-dimensional pattern capable of completely analyzing any specific situation. Being able to recognize when aspects of your thought processes lack unity allows you to break away from the mechanical, linear thinking that causes unnecessary confusion.

All twelve Mentations are needed to provide a complete thought. The Mentations deal directly with the body and mind working together, uniting them into Clear States of Mind. Having the body and Mind united provides the basis for awakening a new perspective, enabling an advanced analysis of a complete thought in any situation.

Arica Autodiagnosis® (Sphere 15)
The Arica Autodiagnosis training opens the central process of Protoanalysis (self-analysis), which is to discover, by identifying our personal experiences of early life and childhood, how these projected experiences affect and determine our entire ego development and everyday existence. Without a fundamental perspective and awareness, we are stuck in an endless cycle of suffering. The self-diagnosis (Autodiagnosis) method provides us with the recognition and understanding of our three Fixations, or Trifix, with clearly–defined maps. Specific nine-pointed figures called enneagrams and their application are used for clarification from our endless subjective processes of suffering into a level of witnessing our process objectively and clearly. This training can be easily assimilated and processed by those new to the Work. By awakening the Witness to the recognition of our mechanisms of suffering, we can open the path to Self-realization and the State of No Suffering.

Levels of Consciousness (Sphere 14)
The Levels of Consciousness training is the study of the nine lower Levels of the human psyche, which are founded upon the subjectivity of the lower ego, and the nine higher Levels of the human psyche, which establish the objectivity into the State of Enlightenment. The lower Levels are recognized as attachments, and when we witness them as such, we free ourselves from the restrictions they impose on us. Analysis with  enneagrams provides maps to support the understanding of the Levels of attachment, and further on, we can enter the attainment of the Levels of spiritual realization. By recognizing and processing our attachments, we can transcend the subjectivity of our lower ego and experience the objectivity of the Higher States of a Mind of No Attachments.

Four Functions of Reality (Sphere 13)
The complete map of the human psyche, in accordance with Protoanalysis, is composed of the three basic Instincts that are correlated with the three major organic body systems. The Four Functions of Reality training identifies the cardinal points of the fields of activities upon which human life exists, in relationship to the Instincts and the body systems. These fields of activities are entirely vital for human survival in a human society and manifest as wealth, power, fame, and honor.  By identifying the Four Functions and our process in relationship to them, we will see how our ego manifests in these four areas. Without this clarification, we are unaware of our ego process, which remains stuck and firmly in place.  Processing the enneagrammatic maps of the Functions allows for the Pure State of No Ego to arise.

Domains of Consciousness (Sphere 12)
A Domain is a physical manifestation of our social structure. All aspects of society can be found in the nine Domains, which are the basis of our intentionality, the motives that are fundamental for our ordinary and psychic life. The two-day Domains of Consciousness training analyzes the nine Domains and our process in each, providing a re-ordering of our entire life in its nine different Domains, from our sentimental life to our spiritual interests. By clarifying each Domain, we are able to enter a Mind of Emptiness, in which the relative processes of the Domains can be witnessed and transcended.

Doors of Compensation (related to Sphere 12)
This training shows us how we use various methods to compensate for the inevitable pressures, related to the Domains, which manifest as stress in our lives. At the extreme, the Doors of Compensation become addictions and we become dysfunctional and out of control. Our suffering is attached to a chaotic perspective about reality, and our subsequent behavior is a life of endless compensations with no direction.  With this training, we learn to recognize our behavioral patterns and to change them so that we can direct our energy toward a more productive and fulfilling life. Witnessing your Doors and transcending them gives you an opportunity to enter a Mind of Emptiness and to experience The Good Life.

Review Day
At the end of the presentation of the series of trainings, a day is spent to review the material covered to ensure that everyone has embodied and understood the purpose of each training and its result. It is an important review and will also provide additional realizations about your process, in order to stabilize the Knowledge you have gained through Protoanalysis. This series of the Protoanalytical trainings is the basis upon which you will continue to witness and clarify your ego process in your everyday life, and you will be able to use the methods and meditations you have learned to stabilize the Awakened State of Clarity and Happiness.

The Scarab Meditations
On the last morning of the training, the Teaching Meditations that have been presented each day will be passed in a series to allow for a deeper embodiment of the Higher States. Being reminded in this way of the awakening you have experienced will give you a ‘direct hit’ of the Work you have attained and of your relationship with the energy of the School.

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