Arica Way of the Heart™

The Arica Way of the Heart training has the purpose of expanding the State of Pure Divine Love in our hearts. We all search for real love, and the practice provided in this training awakens an experience of a deep and abiding love for all humankind, giving us true happiness, fulfillment, joy, and love in our lives.

The Arica Way of the Heart training presents profound yet easy–to–practice methods that give each of us an awakening of real love in our hearts. Introductory material makes each aspect of the training understandable and straightforward. Clarification processes give us the opportunity to recognize beliefs that obscure love in our life. Meditations affirm and support our experience of Pure Love. Group work allows us to unite together in a State where ALL IS LOVE can be found. Relaxation exercises ensure we can embody love at an in–depth and most meaningful level. Mantram will resound in our hearts as we enter States of joy and ecstasy.

The Arica Way of the Heart training will leave the participant with an open heart, full of love for all humanity. This Work will give us transforming methods that will allow us to continue generating this State of Pure Divine Love in our lives for the benefit of all.

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