The Five Ways of Arica™

The Five Ways of Arica is a one–day training that presents the five Realms of Existence and Knowledge, and that is suitable for everyone — whether you are new to the Work or an experienced practitioner. The Work is presented across the Vital, Social, Emotional–Moral, Mental, and Spiritual Realms of Existence and Knowledge, which together form one of the integral structures of the Arica theory. The training includes introductory material, clarification processes, theater exercises, Kath State Generation movements, and meditations in each Realm. This diversity of processes leads to an understanding and embodiment of each Realm, culminating in an integral experience of the Transcendental State. This State is attained by integrating the Realms with the Kath State Generation (chi) movements, and by a meditation at the end of the day that unites the five Realms of Existence and Knowledge, using color, Objective Forms, mantra, and embodiment to enter The State.

This training ensures an expanded experience of and clarification in each Realm, while the Kath State Generation movements will activate the five different types of chi associated with each Realm, and meditation will bring an enhanced awakening of the Minds of Freedom, Security, Love, Awareness, and Light.

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