The Existential Instincts Group Work™

The Existential Instincts Group Work will open for us a new level of understanding about our ego process that we will examine at its core and in its entirety. Before the formation of our Trifix we have unrecognized areas out of which our ongoing ego projections flourish. When these areas are clarified and seen from the point of view of ‘Mind-only,’ we will be liberated from these obscurations and attain a more balanced and realistic recognition of the projections of our most fundamental ego-self, the source of our suffering. With the Integral Teachings, we will examine and enter into a clear understanding of these precise areas at the core of our ego personality and its formation across the three Instincts. Because these Instincts are at the source of life itself, they are the basic manifestations of our entire psychic life. This is why clarification from the point of view of ‘Mind-only’ is of the utmost importance.

Requirements: Membership in Arica Institute

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