The Arica Minds of Transcendence™

The Arica Minds of Transcendence Training is based upon the five specific Realms of Existence and Knowledge that make up a human being and that are the basis of the five Divine Minds. By working with these five Divine Minds and their Meditational Deities, we can integrate the Highest States of human experience and enter the Transcendental State.

The Work with the Deities opens the Higher States of the Divine Minds associated with each Realm, enabling entrance into the purest States of Awareness of each Deity.

In the training, the five Divine Minds are united across a five–fold structure, using introductory material, clarification processes, theater exercises, Kath State Generation movements, and meditations with the Deities, the Universal Logos and the Arica Minds of Transcendence Meditation.

Two meditations at the end of the day will integrate the five Realms of Existence and Knowledge. The second meditation, through the process of integration using all the Realms, Divine Minds and Deities, will open the experience of the Integral State of Transcendence, the Transcendental State, in which all the Deities become one in the heart of the Divine Metatelos Deity.

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