The Team–One Training is for teams within the Arica School. The purpose of the Team–One Training is to achieve a higher level of team unity, with the specific outcome of increasing the performance and results of the team. Because the training was originally designed to be applicable for all work environments, it is conceived using a generic style that gives it the flexibility to be modeled to the specific workplace where it is being presented.

The training recognizes that a “team” can be an individual working alone or as part of a larger organization, as well as a smaller group working for the same employer. The training is based on the Team–One Training Key and each point of the key is processed using enneagrams, delineating two different orientations of each point. The processing, first written and then shared in the training group at large, allows us to see how we participate and contribute to the “team” and conversely what prevents us from participating and contributing.

The Team–One Training accomplishes the following:

• Clarifies the goal of the Arica School

• Describes the Key of Participation

• Explains the Key of the Arica Team

• Demonstrates the Key of Problem Analysis

• Transforms disoriented behavior

• Evokes team unity

• Establishes the purpose of the Arica Team

• Applies a team operation process

• Provides a Functional Orientation method

• Identifies the Offering of service

• Facilitates instant ego–reduction

• Embodies the ethical energy of teamwork

• Defines ethical team behavior

• Manifests efficient performance

• Discovers the potential of the team

The application of these tools allows participants to experience and realize the actual energy and ethical force of the Arica Ethos.

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