Arica Mentations Training™

Thought is not the result of just one specialized organ, the brain. In the Arica Mentations Training, we learn to divide and differentiate the body into twelve parts, each of which provides information about reality, producing a harmonic sequence that is basic to the way our mind structures thought. The twelve Mentations have a systematic correlation with sense organs, the viscera and the limbs, providing questions of analysis for each of the Mentations. This analysis changes our linear thinking pattern into a multi-dimensional pattern capable of completely analyzing any specific situation. Being able to recognize when aspects of your thought processes lack unity allows you to break away from the mechanical, linear thinking that causes unnecessary confusion.

All twelve Mentations are needed to provide a complete thought. The Mentations deal directly with the body and mind working together, uniting them into Clear States of Mind. Having the body and mind united provides the basis for awakening a new perspective and an advanced analysis of complete thought in life.

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