The Temple Ritual™

Temples have been used since ancient times as methods for discovering the Divine Mind. The Temple Ritual is a way of entering the State of the Divine Presence that is within all of us and that is attained only during acts of reverence. The Temple Ritual is performed with complete respect, since the Temple represents humanity as one body. The greater our respect, the more blessing we attract.

During the Temple Ritual, we repeat TOHAM KUM RAH, the internal name of every human being and of humanity as a whole, and HU, a true name of God. We also repeat the nine primary Objective Sounds, which correspond to the Principles of Consciousness, and the nine Psychocatalyzer ideas, or Holy Ideas, which act as stimuli in changing the state of the human psyche.

The Temple Ritual can be done alone or with a group and should be practiced as often as possible for an entire month.

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