The Integral Scarab Meditations™

The Integral Scarab Meditations from the five Scarab Meditations relate to the Integral Protoanalysis of The Scarab (IPST) trainings. The Work will be practiced from the point of view of the Witness, making the Knowledge conveyed from each meditation meaningful and applicable in our everyday lives. An awakened Witness supports The State, and the Teachings of Crazy Wisdom will provide a State of Mind of stability and maturity that no longer takes effect from the process of the Relative Mind.

From the strength of the Innate Awareness that arises and is attained by these Teachings and the practice provided by the meditations, our “suffering reality” will be recognized as just the projections of our ego process, and we are liberated into the Light of the ‘Mind in itself’ or the State of ‘Mind-only,’ the Ornamental State.

The practice opens with Awakening the Kath, providing a physical practice to enter and stabilize the State of ‘Mind–only.’ In fact, there are three Methods of awakening the Witness provided: Kath generation, the Teachings of Crazy Wisdom, and the meditations which open the State of ’Mind–only’ as well.

Requirement: Membership in Arica Institute

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