Integral Meditations Upon Transcendence™

The group practice of the Integral Meditations Upon Transcendence, includes the original meditations of the Arica Day of Unity Work. It is an all-inclusive practice that provides many of the School’s favorite meditations and Deities with the purpose of uniting the Absolute and Relative Minds into the State of the Ornamental Mind. This is presented with a series of meditations that use breathing, mantram, embodiment, visualization, and Light. The entire practice gives an immediate experience of Theosis (Enlightenment) of the Calm–abiding State, the perfection of the Divine Mind in you. The Divine Mind is empty in nature and through meditation we experience this aspect of The State of Contemplation as Emptiness. When the Emptiness and Light are united within you, the Eternal Presence of Light Upon Silence is attained by this deep State of Contemplation, giving you an ongoing Way of experiencing everything from a State of Contemplation.

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