The Golden Eye Ritual and Initiation Part Three: The Imaginal World and the Embodiment of the Archetypes™

The Imaginal World
The Imaginal World is experienced with primary images, based on sensory perceptions that are actually being recollected by our memory and recalled in our mind as a present image. The Imaginal World, formulated by our language and words, becomes a synthetic imagined experience because it triggers images that supplant an entire set of actual “happenings.” Because of this quality of synthesis between experiences and words that the Imaginal World has, when we imagine different processes by following elaborate descriptions, a structure of the Imaginal World is projected and thus that structure becomes an established part of our consciousness. When these experiences are accomplished in their totality by carefully following the laws of the Imaginal World, we will have constructed a firm set of experiences that will become an iron structure of our Internal Self.

The Embodiment of the Archetypes
The idea of the Archetypical Couple is of great importance, and consequently most mythological deities are conceived of as a couple. This is of supreme significance because the Archetypes represent the natural flow of the two currents necessary for the manifestation of life. The Spirit is attracted to matter when the two polarities, acting simultaneously, align with each other, making an equal. In this way a spiritual life is produced. In our situation, we have to ascend from dense matter into Transcendental States. With the meditational practice of The Imaginal World and The Embodiment of the Archetypes, we attain an enormous concentration of spiritual energy that then can be directed for the purpose of attaining Total Freedom and Enlightenment (Theosis) for the benefit of all.

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