Divine Nature: The Stages of Completion of the Telesmatta of Truth™

Divine Nature, the Stages of Completion of the Telesmatta of Truth is composed of nine Limbs: Empty Senses, Empty Body, Vital-psychic Body, Physical-psychic Body, Emotional-psychic Body, Mental-psychic Body, Spiritual-psychic Body, Clear Light, and Divine Union, all of which have a specific purpose and preparation in order to enter the States of tantric transformations to attain the Eternal Diamond Being of the Highest Rituals of Completion. It is through the nine limbs of the Stages of Completion that we are prepared to embody the Work of Divine Union and become One with the Divine Mind of Supreme Theosis of the Divine Metatelos Deity. It is from the Work of Divine Union that we attain the State of the crystallization of the Eternal Diamond Being, forming our completed Spiritual Body upon the deathless substance of infinite, radiant Clear Light.

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