Telegnostic Guardian Meditation™

The Immovable Mind is visualized in the archetypal form of the blue Telegnostic Guardian. The Telegnostic Guardian Work is divided into four forms:

  • Meditation and Embodiment of the Telegnostic Guardian by the method of Divine Approximation.
  • Work with the Diamond Purifiers.
  • Application of the two weapons of enlightenment of the Telegnostic Guardian.
  • Application of the archetypal Telegnostic Guardian in ordinary and everyday life.

The Telegnostic Guardian Meditation is a way of actually practicing and living with the Immovable Mind, making it more radiant and stable and an intensification of our actual experience. This Work becomes a necessary prerequisite for the Stages of Completion of the Telesmatta of Truth. Upon completion of 42 sessions of the Telegnostic Meditations, the Work continues by practicing with the Immovable Mind within our everyday state of affairs beyond meditation.

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