Divine Virtues: Behavioral Science of Knowledge and the Good Life™

The Divine Virtues, Behavioral Science of Knowledge and the Good Life training presents the integrated systems of the Integral Virtues and Integral Ethics, which establish a Theory of Enlightenment or Completion of the Mind as such. The nine Integral Virtues and Ethics are systems of States of Mind of enhanced awareness of the Good in all and of our ability to participate in the Good through the Virtues. The Virtues are States of Mind of enhanced awareness supported by habits or dispositions formed through processes of clarification, recognition and embodiment, which are then imprinted by direct meditations and contemplations by which we can enter into States of Transcendence and Divine Presence.

The Divine Virtues are easily and systematically recognized, embodied, imprinted and contemplated in order to attain the State of Goodness in Itself through the behavioral clarification work of the three Trialectical Instinctual Karma Processes, the nine Trialectical Recollection of Instinctual Processes, and the nine Trialectical Analyses of Contemplation and Recognition processes; followed by Embodying the Divine Virtues Meditation, the Divine Virtues of Transformation Meditation and the Hypergnostic Meditation (Virtues). This State of Goodness is innate to God, His Creation and Humanity, in its Transcendental State of Divine Unity of Eternal Light and Life.

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