The Divine State Routine™

The Divine State Routine training presents the basis upon which a daily routine practice can be established for those who have been initiated into the higher Work of the School and who want to experience a more advanced practice as part of their daily routine. In this routine practice, Kath-Channel Breathing is introduced to activate the five different kinds of chi, with the support of the Central Channel, opening the energy of all five Divine Minds sequentially. In this routine, three meditations use the Central Channel to transform into pure Spiritual energy the five points of awareness of each of the five Realms that correspond to the five Transcendental Divine Minds. The first meditation is the Kath Transmutation Meditation, which works with Objective Forms in the Central Channel. Next is the True Self Meditation, which uses mantram with the Objective Forms to disclose the True Nature of the Divine Minds. The State of the Divine Minds Meditation is the third and most advanced Work in this series. It uses the Deities (archetypal representations) of each Realm and mantram to open the way into the State of Transcendence.

In this meditation, each Divine Mind builds upon the previous Divine Mind, accumulates, and then culminates in the heart with the Clear Light State of Transcendence of the Divine Metatelos. Each of the Divine Minds in this meditation opens the way for one of the formless Foundational Minds to arise.

Instead of a set schedule of sessions, suggested routine practices are included that can be adjusted to suit one's lifestyle and time considerations. This provides time to embody the Work and establish a daily routine based on the practitioner's choice. An Introduction opens the training and gives the ground of understanding to the Work. When practiced regularly, the Divine State Routine has the single purpose of stabilizing the Eternal Presence of Light upon Silence in your daily routine as well as in your ordinary, everyday life, for the benefit of all and the realization of our most precious goal of Humanity-One.

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