Integral Mentations Meditation™ video

The Integral Mentations Meditation is a standing meditation that opens with an Act of Self-recollection. Next is Kath-channel Breathing to ground your energy for the practice. Time has been allowed for you to repeat the breathing technique 6 times. Then the Objective Position for the Mentation will be shown, and you will assume this Position and recall the body part and Mentation. After this the yantra for the Mentation will be shown along with the associated sound being played. Focus on the center of the yantra, continue Kath-channel Breathing and be aware of the part of your body related to the Mentation. This process will continue for each Mentation. At the end of the meditation, be seated and continue Kath-channel Breathing with your eyes closed, as you experience and offer the energy of the Mentations for the benefit of all. The meditation closes with an Act of Self-recollection.

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