Ceremonies into the Clear Light State of Transcendence™

The Ceremonies into the Clear Light State of Transcendence booklet includes the indications for the Remembrance Offering, the Universal Black Earth Ceremony, the Black Earth of Perfect Harmony Ceremony and the Clear Light Ceremony. Each Ceremony has an Introduction which explains the Work and the appropriate times it can be practiced. The indications for each Ceremony are presented either for a person to practice alone or for a group practice. A Materials Required page outlines what is needed for each Ceremony. The Profactor's Information Material includes points that outline the differences in specific practices, as well as a layout of the Black Earth cloth for practicing the Black Earth of Perfect Harmony Ceremony.

As the title implies, these Ceremonies have one purpose — to establish the ground of the Clear Light for the deceased to transcend into the blessed State of the Eternal Presence.

The Ceremonies into The Clear Light State of Transcendence includes the following:

The Black Earth of Perfect Harmony Ceremony is a practice to support the evolution and awakening of the deceased either during the Bardo, a stage that immediately follows death, or as a way to send the Eternal Presence of Light upon Silence to the deceased wherever they are in their present stage of evolution since death.

Length of ceremony: 1- to 3-hour individual or group practice.

The Universal Black Earth Ceremony is practiced in order that the brilliant green Light of Eternal Presence arise for the benefit of all those who are deceased (past or present) and for whom you wish the highest possible evolution. During the Ceremony, the Divine Minds are offered in their five attainments, or States, to open the ground upon which the fulfillment or clarification of each of the nine Domains of Consciousness can be attained. A Domain is a physical manifestation of our social structure, and all aspects of society can be found in the nine Domains. The Ceremony uses mantramic repetitions, symbolizing the energy of each of the Domains in their purest level of transcendence. The Universal Logos is contemplated for the brilliant green Light of Eternal Presence to arise for the benefit of all.

Length of ceremony: 20- to 30-minute individual or group practice.

The Remembrance Offering can be practiced at a time when you want to send Love, Light, and Unity to a person who has died or to a group of people who have lost their lives together: for instance, those who have died in past wars, large-scale accidents, acts of nature or terrorist attacks.

Length of ceremony: 15- to 20-minute individual or group practice.

The Clear Light Ceremony is to be practiced at the time of someone's death. The purpose of the Ceremony is to support the person's transcendence into the Clear Light.

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