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Logomachia individual training (The); Golden Eye Ritual and Initiation Part 2. 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14 Pillars of Perfect Recognition yantra; 24 Lights yantra; 3 Fundamental Forms yantra; Adamantine Pyramid yantra; AH State yantra; All-Consciousness yantra; Almighty yantra (The); Bare Attention yantra; Beautiful yantra (The); Birth of Light yantra; Blue Diamond Purifier yantra; Capacity yantra; Charisma yantra; Crazy Wisdom Deity yantra; Crazy Wisdom yantra; Diamond yantra; Divine Forms Deity yantra; Divine Gnosis Deity yantra; Divine Gnosis II yantra; Divine Gnosis III yantra; Divine Gnosis IV Deity yantra; Divine Ideas Deity yantra; Divine Ideas yantra; Divine Metatelos Deity and his Pleroma Mandala yantra; Divine Metatelos Deity yantra; Divine Metatelos II yantra; Divine Metatelos III yantra; Divine Metatelos IV yantra; Divine Metatelos V yantra; Divine Metatelos yantra; Divine Metatelos yantra; Divine Mind yantra; Divine Nature yantra; Divine Sophia Deity yantra; Divine Sophia yantra; Divine Telesmatta Deity II yantra; Divine Telesmatta Deity yantra; Divine Telesmatta yantra; Divine Virtues Deity yantra; Divine Virtues of Transformation Deity yantra; Divine Virtues yantra; Divine Wisdom Deity yantra; Equal II yantra; Equal yantra; Equal yantra; Equal yantra (The); Equality yantra; Equilibrium yantra; Eternal Continuum yantra; Ether Ring yantra; Fierce Divine Wisdom Deity II yantra; Fierce Divine Wisdom Deity yantra; Form yantra; Fortitude yantra; Freedom yantra; Freedom yantra; Goals yantra; Golden Eye yantra; Golden Eye yantra; Good yantra (The); Green Diamond Purifier yantra; Harmonic Consciousness yantra; Hypergnostic yantra; Impulse yantra (The); Interaction yantra; Long Ah yantra; Lovers yantra (The); Mandala of the Divine Forms Deity yantra; Mandala of The Divine Gnosis III Deity yantra; Mandala of the Divine Gnosis III Deity yantra (The); Mandala of the Divine Metatelos and His Pleroma yantra (The); Mandala of The Divine Metatelos Deity and His Pleroma yantra; Mandala of the Divine Telesmatta Deity yantra; Mandala of the Fierce Divine Wisdom Deity yantra; Mandala of the Ultimate Guardian Deity yantra; Means yantra; Method yantra; Mystic Pyramid yantra (The); Needs yantra; No Change yantra; No Contradiction yantra; No Dependence yantra; No Difference yantra; No Effect yantra; No Limits yantra; No Position yantra; No Time yantra; Octagon yantra; One yantra (The); Orientation yantra; Position of Singularity yantra; Possibilities yantra; Prudence yantra; Psychic Space yantra; Rainbow Eye yantra; Rainbow Eye yantra (The); Realms Mandala yantra; Red Diamond Purifier yantra; Standard yantra; Substance yantra; Substance yantra; Telegnostic Guardian yantra; Truth yantra (The); Ultimate Guardian Deity III yantra; Ultimate Guardian Deity IV yantra; Ultimate Guardian Deity yantra; Ultimate Guardian II Deity yantra; Ultimate Guardian yantra; Universal Mind yantra; Universal Trinity and the Absolute yantra; Universe yantra; Universe yantra (The); Violet Diamond Purifier yantra; Violet Door yantra; Vows and Offerings Ritual yantra; and Yellow Diamond Purifier yantra are copyrights of Oscar Ichazo.

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