Generate Vitality and Equilibrium

Psychocalisthenics®/P–Cals is a sequence of 23 exercises that restore balance to the body and mind and revitalize our entire organism.

The entire series takes around 20 minutes to complete. By following the specific breathing pattern for each exercise, Psychocalisthenics integrates mind, body and emotions to reach our best possible condition as human beings.

A book, chart, music CD, and DVD are available.

Breathing Patterns

P–Cals uses established breathing patterns to produce a uniform and constant inhaling and exhaling for a rhythmical flow of vital energy (chi) in the core area of the body.

Vital Energy

"We can promote the generation and circulation of our vital energy every day in the same way that we tend to our daily need for nourishment." – Oscar Ichazo

As part of a daily routine, Psychocalisthenics offers a foundation for a life of self–responsibility, clarity of mind, and strength of spirit.

About the Author

Oscar Ichazo is the originator of Integral Philosophy, which includes the Enneagram Theory of the Ego–Fixations. His groundbreaking work underscores the need to recognize human behavior from its lower levels to its higher understanding in order to meet the challenges of the current global situation and climate crisis. From this higher perspective, and with a unified effort based on an objective ethical understanding, we can face our planet's existential challenges with Unity and focus.