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Higher Perspective

In Insights Into The Teacher • The Philosophy • The School, Oscar Ichazo talks about his studies, travels and the realization that a method to clarify consciousness for attaining a higher perspective is needed to address the global crisis facing all life on our planet.


The book offers a rich exploration of Ichazo's Integral Philosophy and explains a way of knowledge by which we can discover the entire parameters of our psyche through a complete description of the structure of our mind.

How Is Arica Work Different?

Enlightenment is the natural outcome of human life. The Arica School provides a contemporary method of Enlightenment. Oscar Ichazo developed a clearly defined map of the human psyche so each of us can discover the basis of our ego–process and attain the Higher States of Mind which are available to all.

Working the Fixations

Ichazo formulated the Enneagram Theory of Protoanalysis based on the structure of the human psyche and the 'doctrine of the Fixations.' Using the map that Protoanalysis provides, we can start living at a level of fluidity, spontaneity and Self–awareness. The application of Protoanalysis opens an immense area for cultural development upon a spiritual basis rather than a materialistic one.

Oscar Ichazo's method of working with the Fixations catalyzes a process of Self–observation.

Oscar Ichazo's Insights Into The Teacher • The Philosophy • The School offers the reader just what it promises: glimpses into the man, his theory of Integral Philosophy and the School that he founded. It is a compilation of his responses to several different interviewers. For me, the biggest takeaway is the very clear, human and honest picture you get of the man himself, as teacher, philosopher, innovator, friend, husband, and even passionate cat owner!
—Amy, New York, New York USA

About the Author

Oscar Ichazo is the originator of Integral Philosophy, which includes the Enneagram Theory of the Ego–Fixations. His groundbreaking work underscores the need to recognize human behavior from its lower levels to its higher understanding in order to meet the challenges of the current global situation and climate crisis. From this higher perspective, and with a unified effort based on an objective ethical understanding, we can face our planet's existential challenges with Unity and focus.