We Are One

A Training for Unity

The purpose of WE ARE ONE, A Training for Unity is to learn tools for effectively addressing the urgent problems facing humanity.  

The Training

The training gives us a united direction to promote cooperation, solve problems, and work together to resolve the climate crisis we are all facing.

How will this training help me make a difference? It will provide you with the tools to support groups to unite behind a common endeavor. Unity has a far-reaching effect on those wanting to make a real difference by giving a common language to address problems and solve them with a unified approach.

What do we mean by Unity? Unity is a state of mind that can be entered if a well-proven method is provided. With Unity you will have a oneness with others and a collective oneness to make a difference for the planet and its ever-growing problems.

What we will do in the training? Both aspects of human behavior are presented and processes are provided. Ethical behavior that orients us toward Unity, and the Immoral Force behavior that promotes disunity and is self–defeating.

Unity will be attained by clarification processes, practices and the Unity Offering which will give us a new perspective from which to work together upon a common ground of understanding.

The training presents easy-to-practice exercises for energy and focus. After the training you can practice them in your everyday life.

In the training the Four Killers (overpopulation, pollution, nuclear energy and its dangers, and the mismanagement of resources) are clearly exposed. It shows how they have caused the enormous problem of climate change.

With UNITY we realize that, in fact, WE ARE ONE, opening an evolved sense of purpose and direction.

Why now? If not now, when? If we don’t unify now and make a collective effort, we can never succeed in the results we have to make to save the planet.

Training Information

• We Are One, A Training for Unity™ is available online.

• It is a 3-hour, 30-minute training in three parts.

• There are two breaks after the first and second video presentations.

• This training is presented in English using a video-streaming format. Portuguese and Spanish versions will be available at a later date.

• Breaks offer a time of reflection of the training itself. Breaks can be the length you prefer.

• Participants will download an illustration called “The Earth,” and The Unity Offering, that is presented during the training. Afterwards, you may play the audio-video recording of The Unity Offering or record it in your own voice for an ongoing practice.

Further training information will be provided with the download.

A printed "The Earth" illustration and the soundtrack from the We Are One Training may be purchased here.

Please have pen and paper at hand to use for exercises during the training.

$ 25.00 USD with assistance available.