We Are One

A Training for Unity

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The purpose of the one-day We Are One, a Training for Unity, is to provide a much-needed ethical Teaching to unite us in order to address the urgent problems we face as humanity.

The Training

Teachings presented in the training give us a secure direction for promoting cooperation, problem solving, and interaction as we recognize that only by working together can we solve the existential crisis at hand.

We will learn about both aspects of human behavior: the Ethical Force behavior that orients us in the right direction of Unity, and the
Immoral Force behavior that promotes disunity and is self–defeating.

The understanding and experience of Unity will be attained with clarification processes and practices that give us a new perspective from the point of view of real Knowledge.

Applying this Knowledge to our life and attaining Unity with others gives us a higher point of view to address problems and find solutions for humanity as we realize that, in fact, WE ARE ONE. During the training we will practice exercises to keep us energized and focused. These exercises can be used after the training in your everyday life when you need to re-energize yourself and stay centered.

By awakening the State of Unity, we can approach the Four Killers of of rapid overpopulation, uncontrollable pollution, incomprehension about nuclear energy and its dangers, and the mismanagement of resources confronting humanity from a higher perspective and true sense of purpose for the benefit of all.

Training Information

We Are One, A Training for Unity™ will be available in 2021. It is a 3-hour, 40-minute training in three parts and includes two breaks after the first and second video presentations. This training is presented in English, Portuguese or Spanish using a video streaming format. The purpose of the training is to provide an ethical Teaching of Unity to support those of us addressing the problems that we face as a planet, which can also be applied to our everyday life and work.

Breaks offer a time for the training material to be put into perspective. Breaks can be the length you prefer.

Participants will be mailed an illustration called “The Earth,” which has The Unity Offering on the back that is used during the training. After the training, you can record The Unity Offering for continuing the practice.

It is important to stay focused on the training material presented, and not be distracted by taking notes.

Further training information will be sent by email and with the Earth illustration.

Please have pen and paper at hand to use for exercises during the training.

$ 100.00 basic fee
$ 50.00 for limited-income seniors
$ 50.00 for 25 years old or younger
$ 25.00 for First Responders, Frontline Health Care Workers, and Essential Service Providers
$ 25.00 for Military, Veterans, Social Workers, Teachers, Students, or unemployed
$ 25.00 for We Are One Training Repeaters

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