Symbol Yoga Meditations
Group Practice

When meditating with the Universal Logos or the Objective Symbol of the School and by using the exclusive Arica techniques of practice in The Integral Teachings of the Symbol Yoga Meditations, all the Divine Elements will arise in our Absolute Mind, where the Sacred and Divine Objective Colors, Forms and Sounds abide, present themselves in their pure and absolute terms, and become permanently engraved in our Eternal Continuum as the most profound awakening of the practice of Symbol Yoga. Symbol Yoga prepares us for our Transcendence from the Awakened State into the Bardo/Intermediary State, and therefore it is of the utmost importance to have the brilliance of the Light of the Eternal Presence awakened and stabilized by the School Symbol in our Absolute Mind as an ongoing practice. It is the Light of All Creation that is the Light from which we reincarnate as the Divine Spark back into the Awakened State and to which we deincarnate into the Bardo/Intermediary State and beyond.

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