"The Arica School is a new tradition."
– Oscar Ichazo

Integral Philosophy

Letters, The Ultimate Purpose of the Arica School Beyond Plagiarism and Misuse clarifies what Oscar Ichazo's Integral Philosophy and the Arica School represent. Ichazo explains Integral Philosophy as the result of a new logic with a modern approach to the science of the human condition from ego to Enlightenment for the benefit of all.

The Arica School

The Arica School is a new concept, with new techniques, which does not contradict any other tradition or system, because it starts with a new logic, called "Trialectics," that observes the entire human process and its inherent underlying laws of Unity. The entire Integral System and Method are structured upon the realities observed in human cycles. This makes it organic, valid and real in absolute terms. That is why Ichazo can speak of an active, alive, existing School of Knowledge: the Arica School.

Natural Self

In all ages and cultures, mysticism has had to deal with the problem of convincing ordinary people that 'inside themselves' there is a Divine State to be realized. By learning about the structure of our psyche, we gain an understanding of a 'natural self,' a Higher Self that will mature to complete Enlightenment.

"The Work of Transcendence can be compared to a tree. Until the tree reaches maturity there will be no fruit. Suddenly there is a flowering, followed by an abundance of fruit. Fruit means the State of non–duality and non–conceptuality."
– Oscar Ichazo

About the Author

Oscar Ichazo is the originator of Integral Philosophy, which includes the Enneagram Theory of the Ego–Fixations. His groundbreaking work underscores the need to recognize human behavior from its lower levels to its higher understanding in order to meet the challenges of the current global situation and climate crisis. From this higher perspective, and with a unified effort based on an objective ethical understanding, we can face our planet's existential challenges with Unity and focus.